After the charging stations for micromobility and electric mobility, i.e. for bicycles, scooters and even cars, the charging station for e-boats and electric boats arrives in San Felice del Benaco. A step forward for the Garda municipality, which in the past had already moved forward by activating the presence of an electric motor boat rental within its municipality. The Garda and Idro Lakes Basin Authority has authorized and financed the laying of two buoys dedicated to the mooring of e-boats, with the consequent need to install a column with two sockets. With this green initiative Garda Uno intends to experiment the interest of tourism for electric boats, also facilitating transactions by means of a Mobility Card connected to a flat contract signed with the institution or with a direct payment by credit card possible. by scanning a QR code placed on the sockets.
The development of an alternative, slow and sustainable nautical sector could be a great advantage both from the point of view of consumption and, above all, for the eco-sustainability of an environment that during the summer is filled with many boats that emit large quantities of gas. greenhouse in the atmosphere and in water. Precisely for this reason, the Veneto region is already committed to making this isolated case an episode among many, arriving at a capillary distribution network that allows the possibility of using e-boats to be extended throughout the lake.