For some time now Lake Garda has resumed the real estate trend that already characterized the entire coast of the lake before the pandemic. Interesting for the wealthiest, less so for young couples and natives, the lake real estate market has prices so high that it meets the favor of second homes used as a holiday home or even to be used as an income.
The photograph of the market on the lake shows costs per square meter that are aligned with the Milanese metropolis, the most expensive in Italy, especially in the towns of Desenzano, Sirmione and Salò. Here you can meet costs that touch 7 thousand euros per square meter for properties overlooking the lake or for new construction. The new one is nice but it costs, and it costs a lot. And this real estate drift leads to favoring foreign investors, pushing locals to move or buy houses in the hinterland.
Then there is a real splitting of the lake on the basis of the origin of the investors. Germans and Austrians are buying a POI everywhere on the lake, preferring two-room and three-room apartments. On the other hand, the Poles, the Dutch who occupy the upper part of the lake and the Lombards who buy in the south are more concentrated on the Venetian shore.
The villages that follow Desenzano and Sirmione are Gardone, Rivoltella, Padenghe and Marderno, where the average costs are around 2/3 thousand euros per square meter for a newly built stately home. On the other hand, the average costs of “cheap” and not newly built houses are much lower, although their number is increasingly reduced.