In a letter to the architect Giancarlo Maroni, Gabriele d'Annunzio stressed the importance of freezing the Prioress, or the poet's cloistered house, over time, avoiding moving furniture, fabrics, objects "even by a millimeter".
Everything has remained exactly as it was left by Gabriele D'Annunzio in 1938, the year in which he died right in this house, on the Zambracca table, due to a cerebral hemorrhage.
Today, thanks to the READ technology, acronym for Real Estate Advisory Drone, it is possible to map the Prioress with a quality and detail never possible before. READ is an innovative system that uses self-driving microdrons equipped with high-definition cameras and proximity sensors. Thanks to the use of this technology, already used in the real estate field to carry out appraisals and valuations on properties, the Prioress will be able to be reconstructed in 3D with extremely detailed maps of all the interiors, including the 10 thousand objects and 33 thousand books in the villa.
Mapping a building of historical and artistic interest such as Gabriele d 'Annunzio's house means being able to pre-empt his wishes but not only. In fact, once uploaded to the site, it will be possible to carry out interactive visits and also technical analyzes aimed at maintaining and preserving all the rooms in the house.
The operation involved Rina Value Service, a group that deals with real estate valuations, the Information Systems and Networking Institute (ISIN) of Supsi, the companies QBT Sagl and Science Adventures Sagl. The partners of the initiative donated all the data collected to the Vittoriale, precisely to create a complete virtual reality tour and archive a precision technical survey.